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About Us

Hyundai Motor

Cars were once merely a means of transportation in the past, until they evolved beyond their function to become unique lifespaces where our life experiences and emotions unfold. At Hyundai Motor, we seek to move beyond conventional thinking, by looking beyond the car and the individual driving it. Rather, we explore all the experiences and emotions that our car can offer. And because cars keep memories alive, Hyundai Motor values everyone's relationship with cars more than the car itself.

We seek to become the most beloved and trusted automobile brand

As a committed life partner, the Hyundai Motor brand embodies Modern Premium essence in all its products, and will strive to achieve the ambitious goal of becoming a brand that is trusted and loved by all. Modern Premium reflects our promise to bring unique premium experiences and values as a mass brand, and to instill a sense of pride in every customer.

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company (HMC). HMIL is the largest passenger car exporter and the second-largest car manufacturer in India. HMIL's fully integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing plant near Chennai boasts advanced production, quality and testing capabilities. HMIL forms a critical part of HMC's global export hub. It currently exports to around 87 countries across Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Australia and the Asia Pacific. HMIL has been India's number one exporter for the last 12 years consecutively. In its commitment to provide customers with cutting-edge global technology, Hyundai has a modern multi-million dollar R&D facility in Hyderabad. The R&D center endeavours to be a center of excellence in automobile engineering.




It all started in the summer of 1996, when Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) established a 100 per cent subsidiary, the Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL), with an initial investment of more than USD 600 million, to manufacture cars in India. This was the time when Korea and Korean products were unknown to most of India. Moreover South Korea was facing a lull in their economy too. A strong belief and with a clear vision of making state-of-the-art cars, Hyundai Motor Corporation went ahead with their investment plans.

Hyundai Motor India Ltd firmed up domestic borrowing with banks, despite the fact that financial institutions were wary of lending to Korean companies given the then-prevailing market mood. With the finance in place, HMIL quickly readied itself for the launch of 'Santro ' which they achieved in a record 17 month in 1998. Two years later, by May 2000, the Chennai plant was producing 100,000 vehicles per year, and had captured 14 per cent of the Indian market. With two model vehicles in line, the Santro (999cc) and Accent (1,499cc), HMIL was on a roll! The cars together achieved almost 25% of the market during the first four months of 2000!.

Since then, Hyundai Motor India has always been the bellwether of automotive sales in its segments. The journey saw addition of a second production unit in the year 2008 thus increasing its capacity to 6,00,000 units, and rejuvenating the market with renewed confidence, despite challenges like rising fuel prices, increased interest rates, stiffer competition, economic recessions and so on

Management Philosophy

Realize the dream of mankind by creating a new future through ingenious thinking and continuously challenging new frontiers

An unlimited sense of responsibility is the basis for our growth and advancement. Our responsibility toward the members of the Group as well as partner companies has motivated us to become a stronger company, and our responsibility for customers' safety and happiness has led to a passion for better quality. Our sense of responsibility goes beyond our members and customers to contribute to society at large. To enrich the lives of all people, Hyundai Motor Group has gone global on the strength of excellent quality and customer satisfaction, and built an environment-friendly resource circulating business structure. Our unbounded sense of responsibility will continue to create infinite value for all.
Hyundai Motor Group is not complacent about its achievements. The risk of failure is no deterrent to our pursuit of new challenges. Because we believe in ourselves and have the confidence to turn possibilities into realities. Hyundai Motor Group has a long history of challenging and achieving the seemingly impossible. Our entry into the North American automotive market, development of proprietary car engines. construction of the first private sector-built integrated steelworks in Korea, the world' s first simultaneous construction of 10 nuclear power generation units. and development of a high-speed train running at over 300km/h: these are just some of our achievements that carry the kudos of being the first, largest or best. Instead of resting on our laurels, we will continue to move forward to create a better future.
What is the ultimate reason for a company's existence? Manufacturing safe, convenient vehicles and fast trains, developing cutting edge technologies, and constructing high-tech buildings are all meaningless if it is not aimed at improving people's lives. Hyundai Motor Group aspires to help raise the quality of life by offering better products and services to more people, at a faster rate. At the same time, Hyundai Motor Group will stay committed to delivering greater value as well as realizing co-prosperity among the company, people and society to become a respected global corporate citizen.

Core Values

Our core values are the guiding principles for employee behavior and decision-making that are essential to realize our management philosophy and vision. We live by our core values, and demonstrate it in every small activity that we do and deliver. It simply represents our style and way of doing things.

We promote a customer-driven corporate culture by providing the best quality and impeccable service with all values centered on our customers.
We refuse to be complacent, embrace every opportunity for greater challenge, and are confident in achieving our goals with unwavering passion and ingenious thinking.
We create synergy through a sense of “togetherness” that is fostered by mutual communication and cooperation within the company and with our business partners.
We believe the future of our organization lies in the hearts and capabilities of individual members, and will help them develop their potential by creating a corporate culture that respects talent.
We respect the diversity of cultures and customs, aspire to be the world’s best at what we do, and strive to become a respected global corporate citizen.
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